• Embrace the Suck

    I’ve been uncomfortable these past several months, and I’ve intentionally kept myself in a state of suspension trying to decide if I am willing to embrace more discomfort.
  • The Magic Pill

    God loves you, and me, enough to allow us to confront the shocking truth of our humanity, and providing an opportunity to transform yourself, your relationships and even your walk with Him. 
  • Just Bloom

    During a time in history when suicide rates are climbing at alarming rates, I wonder if you can consider an alternative way of thinking. It is our own POV of ourselves and of the world that often helps lead us down the path of darkness. At some point, early on in our lives, we adopted a view of ourselves and the world that does not serve us. It was in response to a singular moment reinforced by other moments that formed this innate part of who we are, and we have carried it throughout our lifetime without even realizing it.
  • You Were Born to Win

    And yet, we can decide to remain hopeful. Even more than hope, we can choose to have confidence in knowing that no matter what the challenge, we can (and will) find a way to meet it.
  • Unintended Side Effects

    These are the unintended side effects of having lost a child to suicide. You want to smother and hang on to your other children. You second guess your own judgment as a parent more than ever. You have to force yourself to fight against your fear and make a decision to support your children into growing up even when they don’t know what growing up means.
  • Discard Everything Else

    People say in judgment as what they represent as fact. Your job is to evaluate what is true, own what is right, and discard everything else,
  • Unexpected Reminders

    This popped up on my phone today and made me smile. Katie was about to turn 13 here. Miss you Katiegirl. Thanks for making me smile today.
  • There is No Winner in Life

    Relationship matters. Everything else is meant to be secondary. Don't lose significant friendships over greed. Don't step over others on your wa...
  • The Frogs You Leave Behind

    A girl fell into a hole while walking in the woods and she couldn’t get out.
    She made many frog friends while in the hole but they were all very negative.
    One day, while looking up to the top she saw the sun shine through and she just knew that there had to be something better.
  • A Lesson From Towels

    The little things in life that we often see as unimportant can in fact be the most important of all.
  • A Passing Stranger

    When we decided to join the Don't Give Up Signs Movement  earlier this year I don’t think we imagined there would have been such a great response...
  • Lost Your Mojo

    The lesson of the year is that if we just continue showing up, in whatever capacity we can handle in that moment, we truly can create greatness wherever we are.