A Lesson From Towels

A Lesson From Towels. Yes, towels.
A couple months ago I visited a friend for the weekend and remarked on the quality of her towels. They weren't just every day towels--except they were, to her--100% Egyptian Cotton.
There was just something about stepping out of the shower and picking up the soft, thick, plush towel that was life changing. Just prior to my arrival my partner and I had squabbled over whether it was time to get rid of our towels--you know the kind--the frayed, torn, thin towels that don't really cover much of anything. Yes--the cheap towels.
My friend doesn't think of herself as cheap. She doesn't feel like she is less than. The towels were a sign of her feeling worthy enough to surround herself with things that make her feel good. And it was in the moment that I first picked up that towel that I knew that God also saw me as worthy and that I no longer had to be the holely, threadbare towel.....I could be soft and luxurious if I chose to be.
The little things in life that we often see as unimportant can in fact be the most important of all. Like the coffee cup that my partner fills with just enough milk everyone morning for me to pour coffee into when I wake. The son who gets the same tattoo as his mother in rememberance of his sister. And the choice between whether we are going to treat ourselves as worthy or less than based on the things we have around us.
It was then that I decided that my family and I are no longer going to accept the lesser things in live. We will continue to work for the privilege of buying things that last, that we love, rather than settling for possessions that are meaningless. We deserve to go after what we want and what makes us feel good rather than apologize to the people around us that don't understand it.
Just a couple of days ago this friend sent me my own set of luxurious towels. She KNEW that I had not allowed myself to purchase them for myself and gave me a little nudge to realize that putting off what is good for our mental health today does not bode well for our tomorrow.
This isn't a story of materialism. It is a story of worthiness and embracing what is possible, beginning with the little things. If we don't believe we are worthy of the little things then we won't believe God when He says we are worthy of the big things. #lessonlearned