Embrace the Suck

A couple of years ago an old high school friend posted this statement. Sometimes we read something like this and the truth of it takes hold of us.
When I first read this I had no idea what was to come in the two years that have followed. The discomfort I allowed myself to embrace then is what led me to where I am now. It is the perfect reminder that if I allow myself to embrace the discomfort I feel now, how much richer my life will become in the future.
I’ve been uncomfortable these past several months, and I’ve intentionally kept myself in a state of suspension trying to decide if I am willing to embrace more discomfort. I’ve had conversations with God asking Him what more He could possibly want me to embrace or give up, making the task of doing so draw longer.
The moment we even think that maybe our discomfort is from God is the moment we need to embrace it. That discomfort is what helps guide and propel us toward our destiny to fulfill what we are meant to do. In all of this comes an incredible amount of strength and satisfaction—as we would feel after a great marathon.
Embrace the discomfort. Embrace the suck. Embrace the adventure.