Just Bloom

I did some “deep work” at the beginning of this month on communication as a way to continue to restore love and affinity in our lives. It is here that I discovered that the POV in which I listen to the world is “I’m not good enough and the world doesn’t see me.” So what this means is that no matter how much I do, or how many encouraging words that I hear, unless I work to overcome my POV I will always continue to compare myself to others and feel like no one sees me.
Yes! I just put this on the internet. Why?!? Because I know I am not the only one that has this POV and it is a JOY STEALER.
During a time in history when suicide rates are climbing at alarming rates, I wonder if you can consider an alternative way of thinking. It is our own POV of ourselves and of the world that often helps lead us down the path of darkness. At some point, early on in our lives, we adopted a view of ourselves and the world that does not serve us. It was in response to a singular moment reinforced by other moments that formed this innate part of who we are, and we have carried it throughout our lifetime without even realizing it.
This is where bias comes from. It is where we react and make decisions from. It is how we experience the world around us, and it just does not have to be.
We can choose joy. We can choose to bloom where we are and forget about what the person next to us is doing or achieving because their life isn’t our life and their success doesn’t invalidate our success.
We CAN choose joy, love and affinity.