Lost Your Mojo

There are 44 days left in 2019. Let THAT sink in. 2019 where have you gone?
These past couple of weeks I have "taken a step back" which is code for "I have lost (hopefully just misplaced) my mojo." I feel meh, eh, umph.
In the midst of feeling this way ☝️ I am still going through the motions (well most of them), almost like an out of body experience.
Here is what I have really begun to understand from the lessons 2019 has had to teach me...We absolutely do NOT have to feel totally on point in order to create impact in our lives or the lives of others.
While it would be really great to feel like we are out there killing it in this totally rock out space called "I've come into myself and I'm nailing it," we just might not because of whatever other circumstance.
The lesson of the year is that if we just continue showing up, in whatever capacity we can handle in that moment, we truly can create greatness wherever we are. Regardless of whether or not we feel like it, we think it will make a difference, or if we even want to. ACTION will require our feelings to catch up, eventually. Our "mojo" is found in our actions as much as it is found in our feelings and when we "aren't feeling it" we can rely on our action to keep us on course and creating impact.
And just in case I'm wrong (which I'm not) kick my butt to edge me a little closer to "feeling it."