The Frogs You Leave Behind

An unexpected reminder from a friends struggle:
A girl fell into a hole while walking in the woods and she couldn’t get out.
She made many frog friends while in the hole but they were all very negative.
One day, while looking up to the top she saw the sun shine through and she just knew that there had to be something better.
She loved her friends—she even felt bad for them that they stopped looking at the sun, but she didn’t want to forget what the sun felt like on her skin or how free she was when walking through the woods.
So every day she got closer and closer to the top to climb out of the hole. Her frog friends didn’t want to be left behind and in fear kept trying to drag her back down to the bottom.
So crying and fighting her way to the top she kept telling her friends that all they had to do was jump up but they had been in the hole so long they could no longer remember how to jump.
So as sad as she was she clawed her way out of the hole and left the frogs behind.