The Magic Pill

Recently, I went to see a doctor who is actually quite impressive from both a pedigree and personal standpoint, not to mention that we share a similar spiritual faith. After two and a half hours sitting with him discussing all that has plagued my mind since I was young, he was inclined to release me without giving me a “magic pill.”

Screeching brakes….say “what?”

Despite his reservations, he did in fact allow me to soothe my mind by walking out with a pill that I was certain would be THE “magic pill.” A whopping five days later and I have re-discovered the same ‘ol lesson that God has repeatedly attempted to teach.

There IS NO “magic pill.”

If you are like me, and statistically you are, you have been looking for your own “magic pill,” but haven’t found it. You piddle your life away in search of the magic answer that will surely transform everything in your life only to one day wake up, and discover that your life is worthless and meaningless. Why? You, like me, have attempted to place meaning on something that doesn’t exist (the magic pill) in order to deal with what does exist—the reality that you, like me, have created. Well, here is the cold, hard truth. Transforming your life is going to take work—LOTS of work. There is no get rich quick scheme that is going to turn your life around. Your prince charming (or princess) is not going to come waltzing into the woods to save you from your tower.

“But wait, won’t God save me?”

God loves you, and me, enough to allow us to confront the shocking truth of our humanity, and providing an opportunity to transform yourself, your relationships and even your walk with Him. We can throw as many hissy fits as we want (and believe me I have), but it does not change this hard truth that there is no “magic pill” in the way we imagine it. It is not a medicine, a drug, a person, a job, a thing, or anything else.

Are you ready for it?

The “magic pill” is the very change and pain that you are resisting. God loves us too much to leave us where we are…..He is COMMITTED to bringing us to a better place…and isn’t that what you say you want? The “magic pill” is a relationship WITH God, not over God, under God, for God—WITH God!!!!