You Were Born to Win

Have you heard the whispers? The whispers of a looming shut down?
There is absolutely no doubt that PA (and of course, the world) has experienced great hardship that continues to destroy jobs, businesses, lives, and families. The pandemic fallout, in many ways, is just beginning to rear its ugly head—and it is possible that the effects are just beginning.
And yet, we can decide to remain hopeful. Even more than hope, we can choose to have confidence in knowing that no matter what the challenge, we can (and will) find a way to meet it.
In my home we have an unspoken rule: there is a brief time that we can complain about what is going on in the world but then we need to put it away. It is time to put our fear, our displeasure, and our political rivalries in a drawer.
The winter is always coming, and in so many ways this holiday season of laughter and family is more critical than ever before.
Stop expecting to fail and begin expecting to win. Begin to know and deeply understand that God has you, and no matter what you are walking through, He has a greater plan and will be right beside you.
Stop talking about division and begin talking about unity. We can always find something to divide us but instead we can discover what unites us.
You will lose if you believe that you will, OR you can win because you choose to win.
Winning doesn’t always look like we think it will. It doesn’t always mean we come out on top. It almost never means that we end up where we think we will. Winning is finding the joy, and the presence of mind, to be in each moment and to learn to work interdependently as a community.
Winter IS coming, but this winter, we’re in it together.