#Links of Hope

The whole idea behind Chronically Strong is that people heal best inside their own community. They heal even faster when that community knows how to support and walk with them as they cope with mental illness.

Whether you are supporting a loved one through their mental health crisis, have lost someone to mental illness, or are coping with mental illness yourself, Chronically Strong is here to help you thrive inside the community through education, open forum discussions, support groups and more.

Because our volunteers have similar experiences as many of our program participants, we focus heavily on a peer-to-peer support model. Many people experiencing the systemic effects of mental illness come to us for a sense of purpose to help others. While they may come to us through a program or service that we offer, they often become part of the Chronically Strong family, giving back to others, creating a sense of belonging and support. Thus, becoming a link of hope for others.

"We want every person to know that they matter and that they have something valuable to offer their community. As individuals come to us through various programs, they each receive a yellow link as a symbolic reminder that they are somebody's someone and that there is hope. The more programs, events, or volunteering that they do, their #linkofhope gets longer. The longer the #linksofhope, the stronger their chain of support, healing and growth." ~Gina Casner