Rocks of Hope

How It Started

The first mental health awareness event that Chronically Strong ever put on was a 'Suicide Prevention Rock Party' on July 25, 2021. A group of volunteers were tasked with creating a first event that would provide awareness and also get the community engaged in conversation.

Over 150 people came to this first event, and we quickly learned the value of gathering people together in a low-pressure environment to do something positive to bring hope to others. While participants painted their rocks, organic conversations began happening and the shared their personal experiences and losses. Hundreds of rocks were painted that day with a link on the back to our resource page. They were later hidden throughout the community so that people would find them as a 'Rock of Hope', becoming another #linktohope in their journey to find hope, healing and health.


Why Rocks of Hope Parties?

Our organization is made up of just a few people, but the world has many.  If we partner with someone like you, we can grow our #linkofhope chain faster and give hope to more people. Plus, by giving you the tools and know-how of how to hold a Chronically Strong Rocks of Hope party, you can help spread hope anytime you want, with as many people as you want, as often as you want.

What is the Benefit of Holding a Rock Party?

  • You bring the community together, even with a small group of friends for a positive purpose with a simple mission of spreading hope. 
  • You encourage mental health awareness by the conversation by the conversation that will naturally occur at the table.
  • You invite others to be open to having a rock party themselves by sharing your experience on Social Media even if you say nothing about the reason or why you are doing it.
  • You are creating hope in your community by hiding the finished rocks in places like parks, hospitals, public buildings, and so forth. (We have never been told “no” yet.)
  • You are helping a mama keep a promise to her daughter to make sure her life counted and that her story helped make a difference.
  • You have the ability to pass on any love donations to Chronically Strong so that we can continue to help countless others through our other Links of Hope Programs.
  • Even kids can do it!

Who Can Help Answer My Questions?

We want to make sure you have everything you need to have a successful rock party, whether it is just a few friends or a larger group. That is why we have created that Rocks of Hope Party Liason position. We will assign one of our volunteers specifically to you so that they can help coach you through the process from start to finish. 

Your party liaison will touch base with you while you are planning your party, just before your party, and after.  You definitely have some great people to cheer you on that can share their experiences when they held their first party. 

Our goal is to make this an easy, fun experience for you and your community so that you will want to do it again to continue spreading hope.

Are you Ready to Host A Party?

First, you want to download a set of full instructions, making sure to complete full contact information at checkout so we can connect you with your party liaison.