Signs of Hope

Signs of Hope Program

We never want to forget where we came from. This program allows us to keep the #linksofhope going by providing places throughout the community where people can pick up a sign of their own. By offering them individually, it makes it super affordable to spread a little bit of hope.

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How It Started

In March 2020, after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out across the U.S. we  reconnected with Amy Wolff, the founder of the Don’t Give Up Signs Movement out of Oregon (, and ordered 40 yard signs with positive messages to help encourage others. 

We thought maybe just a few friends would put them up, and perhaps we could beg a few neighbors, but to our surprise the community was craving to hold on to hope and before we knew it, it was the beginning of May 2020. We  had placed over 300 signs in 6 surrounding Central PA counties and received over $2,800 in donations to help keep the message going. 

We made the process simple and no contact during a time when panic was widespread. Through organic social media people learned that they could text us with "Drop sign here and 'X' address." Chronically Strong then delivered the sign and put in their yard.  Soon after, people started donating to cover the cost of their sign and often much more.