SOS-Signs of Suicide Program

Chronically Strong has partnered with a nonprofit organization, Mindwise Innovations,  out of Massachusetts in order to bring the S.O.S-Signs of Suicide evidence-based suicide prevention program to local middle and high school students. 

We are able to offer this program to local school districts, youth programs, homeschool programs, charter schools, and in community-based forums. 

"SOS Signs of Suicide, by MindWise Innovations, is the only evidence-based youth suicide prevention program that has been shown to reduce self-reported suicide attempts by up to 64%. The high school program can be facilitated in one-classroom period, teaches students to identify the signs of depression or suicide in themselves or a friend, and encourages help-seeking behaviors."

 What Does Chronically Strong Provide?

There is a wide-range of assistance that Chronically Strong can provide based on the needs of the organization implementing the program. 

  • Staff Training
  • Volunteer Training
  • Parent Training
  • Middle School Student Training
  • High School Student Training
  • Handouts/Resources for Staff, Parents, Students
  • Depression Screenings
  • Schools (Coordination With Onsite Providers)
  • Connection to Resources and more

We customize our level of assistance based on the size and needs of the group that we are helping to facilitate the program. 

 Special Message To Parents From Our Founder

Dear Friend,

There was a time that I would have never imagined that I would need to talk with my kids about how to support their friends who may be thinking of suicide, much less themselves. 

Katie was a straight A student. She played three instruments, was driven, caring, was well liked, had hobbies, participated in extracurricular activities, and she seemed happy...until about the age of 13 when everything changed.

As parents, we are all busy. We often think that "someday I'll get to it" or more often "I don't want to give my kid any ideas of harming themselves." The truth though, is that our kids are growing up in a world that is vastly different, that has a lot more social pressures, and they have a world inside them that we often don't know anything about. 

Let's learn how to have the conversation together.  As a mom who lost her daughter on her 53rd attempt, I am committed to providing this program in our communities, even outside of the schools, because this conversation is too important.

When my son was 15, he began having thoughts of suicide. He had recently lost his sister and that made him more susceptible. It  was because a friend saw his post on social media and bravely told a trusted adult that we were able to get him help. Now, almost four years later he is doing well. 

You, mom/dad/aunt/uncle/grandma/guardian, are NOT alone. I am here to walk alongside you through this sensitive conversation. I will teach you how to have boldness and confidence in helping your child and we will help our children together.

My Best,