Suicide Cafe

What is a Suicide Cafe?

The idea of a Suicide Cafe came out of a kitchen table conversation at a volunteer appreciation event for Chronically Strong.  One of the volunteers shared the concept behind the Death Cafe (founded by Jon Underwood) that outlined how to have community conversations about death without an agenda other than genuine conversation and the sharing of ideas.

One of the common themes we have found as we began developing Chronically Strong is that many survivors of suicide reported how different their experience of grieving a loved one’s completed suicide was from other experiences with grief when the manner of death was of natural causes. Not only have these individuals shared that their grief is different, but they have also reported that there is an additional stigma around suicide and a lack of understanding of how society views those who complete suicide.

At Chronically Strong, we seek to eliminate the stigma that perpetually surrounds mental illness and the overall stereotyping that comes for the person diagnosed with a mental illness as well as the loved ones supporting them in their recovery.  One of the ways we fulfill this mission is to encourage community conversation about difficult issues related to mental illness in order to challenge stereotypes and misperceptions.  Suicide Cafe is one of the ways we are inviting the community into the conversation in keeping with our fifth operating principle which reads:

“To provide a safe place where the community can talk about the untalkable. We are committed to providing a voice and space for families and individuals to share their personal experiences and struggles; a place where when one of our community members can’t find their voice, we stand with them and continue to talk about the untalkable to create change in the community so that their voice can be heard.” 

- Chronically Strong Bylaws.

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Upcoming Cafe Events

Suicide Cafe August 28

  Sunday, August 28, 2022            

   2 pm to 3:30 pm

   The Cracked Pot Coffeehouse 

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